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[Multi-stage centrifugal pump] Maintenance standard for multi-stage centrifugal pump bearings
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Maintenance standards for multistage centrifugal pump bearings:
(1) Ellipticity and shaft diameter can not be greater than one thousandth of the shaft diameter
(2) The roughness of the shaft diameter surface is less than 1.6 microns
(3) The contact area between the shaft diameter and the bearing bush should not be less than 60 to 90 degrees, and there should be no signs of corrosion on his surface.
(4) The outer casing and the bearing should be in close contact
(5) There should be no cracks, sand holes, metal shavings
(6) The tightness between the bearing cap and the bearing bush is not less than 0.02~0.04mm
(7) The outer diameter of the ball bearing cannot be connected to the inner wall of the bearing housing.
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